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In order to promote and maximize the spread of the properties we represent, Immobiliària Barcelona®, was promoter, is a founding member and member of different ASSOCIATIONS and MLS that exist in Barcelona.

The goal of these partnerships is to share the properties that any member captures to be promoted by any of the members, so that the seller hires a single agency but owned the market multiple agencies all represented by the pickup agency, who is responsible for all of them announcing and marketing the property correctly

Currently, Immobiliària Barcelona®, is part of: Immoalia - MLS Barcelona Nord, Immosomni - Professionals immobiliaris del centre de Barcelona and Activat - MLS Barcelona. In addition, through agreements between associations, Immobiliària Barcelona® also shares marketing with agencies of UP Barcelona.

More than 100 agencies market their property simultaneously, but having a single partner that will arrange for its tranquility and all this at no extra cost as it will Immobiliària Barcelona® who pays the fees of other agencies.

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